Parenting: WHAT I heard a child say that shocked me!

Parenting is simply the process of raising a child and providing ALL that they need to become responsible adults in the society. I emphasized “ALL” because parenting goes beyond just providing food and education. Children needs lots of care and attention. They need spiritual, physical, and emotional support as they grow to become responsible adults. So whatever parenting style you use, the goal is to raise happy, confident, independent, well behaved, and responsible children.

During my absence here(sorry I have not been writing as often as I would have loved to), I have been observing behavioral patterns of children and I must say that it is only about 30 percent of the children I interacted with that seemed to have good values instilled in them. Well you might be wondering who really defines what is good and what is not, but based on my own idea of what is good, only a few kids seem to be well behaved, respectful, and confident. Yes I am totally aware that I am new in this “business” of parenting but thankfully I have learned a lot from years of working as a child care giver, and this has really helped in the way I am raising my child. Also, knowing that my mum tried her best in instilling the right values in me, I know I have to do even more to my daughter, coupled with the valuable materials I access online that has to do with parenting, and then trusting God on daily basis for direction.

While I watched some children playing, I could hear them arguing about whose school has a school bus or not, and a girl that should be about 8years old said “I swear on my life, my school has a school bus“. Guys, I was soooooooo shocked to hear that kind of statement from a child! I am going to be sharing some of my experiences and observations in the April edition of my podcast. Till then, just keep being amazing. And if you are a parent (especially a first time parent), please be very intentional about raising your kids properly.

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