Hey! You know I love sharing my thoughts on certain issues (not necessarily the happenings in the country). Just general issues pertaining to humans. So today, I have been thinking of the things anger does to me. Oh yes! I get angry. Mention anyone you know that does not get angry please. Okay so as I was saying, anger is definitely a part of human emotions but I think everyone handles anger differently. Some people break things when angry, while some would punch the wall, and some others just cry. I even heard you can channel your anger into something positive – like cooking, cleaning, jogging, etc.

Well, I have decided to make a list of things anger does to me and here they are:

  • Anger deprives me of having a good sleep
  • It puts me in a sad mood always
  • It deprives me of any joyous feeling. How can I be happy when I am angry?
  • It makes a million thoughts run through my mind at the same time, thereby giving my brain more work to do. End result? HEADACHE!
  • It makes me lose focus which results to me making mistakes since I cannot think clearly
  • If the anger is not resolved overtime, it could lead to hatred towards the person responsible for the anger
  • Anger could lead to hostility towards others. That is why you hear the phrase “transfer of aggression”
  • It can make you lose your peace of mind
  • When angry, it is very difficult to prevent evil thoughts from flooding your mind. I guess this could be the reason why the Holy Book says “Be angry but sin not”. Because it is hard to not sin when angry.

After knowing all these things, I ask myself why would I want to stay angry for long? A part of the Holy Book advices us to not allow the sun go down on our anger. Meaning if you allow yourself stay angry for over a day, there is a tendency that it will result to the things I listed above.

How about you make a list of the things anger does to you and drop them in the comment box after reading. Let us all learn from one another.


4 Replies to “MY MUSINGS”

  1. Atolani

    1. It makes me sad and I go about with a straight face.
    2. I tend to be rude and not care about anything.
    3. I transfer aggression
    4. I cry too
    5. I have several evil/bad thoughts against the person although I might not act it out eventually.
    I think that’s all I can think of for now

  2. Olajumoke

    It makes me lose concentration and feel stuck but thank God for His spirit.


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