My compulsory break

Most times I really wish I could write more articles, and other times I have so many thoughts to put into writing but then my brain and my body will just decide to go on a compulsory break without informing Wondering how it is possible that the same brain that produces these same thoughts can suddenly go on a break? Well, those are the days when all the hormones in my body suddenly decides to wage war against my brain for even thinking when I am supposed to be resting. Am I even making any sense at all? Please just read this article with an open mind. No deep thinking and nothing too serious either. This is just me trying to “test my microphone” – more like me trying to ensure I can still “write”.

Honestly the things pregnancy does to a woman’s body cannot be fully explained. Sometimes when I try to explain how I am feeling to my husband, he will just say “babe, I honestly cannot understand it”… I actually always find it hilarious though. But honestly, I know he is right. One cannot understand it unless it has been experienced before. Anyway, that is the reason I have been on a compulsory break. I really give kudos to pregnant women that still keeps a 9-5 job.

In summary, a woman’s body is not totally hers during pregnancy. It is controlled by a mixture of hormones, emotions, and any other thing that you can add to this list. Some days I just want to cry, and other days I have so much energy that I just dance round the house. Some days I am motivated to work (write articles, record videos and podcast, etc.) and the next minute I just want to lie down and not do anything because my head will not just stop hurting. So please when next you see a pregnant woman, just try to empathize and be nice to her.

P.s: kindly correct any error you might notice in this article.

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