Monday Musings

It is the first Monday in August and it has been a long time I wrote an article. I have really missed writing. I just hope I will be able to keep up with posting articles like I used to. This is because I have more responsibilities now (winks).

All the while I was away, I have had various thoughts and views on a lot of things – relationships (marriage, friendship, family), behaviours, motherhood, people not minding their business (lol), etc. I will be posting random articles on the aforementioned anytime I have the opportunity to do so (I am really hoping it would be very frequently). So for now, let me quickly write on people not minding their business.

I really just wonder how some people (especially strangers) just think it is very okay to give unsolicited advice. Although I sometimes think they do it out of concern but most times I just wish they would just mind their business. For example, a friend of mine who just recently had a baby told me of how a woman whom she usually buys stuff from in her neighbourhood was telling her how she needs to “press her stomach with hot water very well” (her exact words) just a week after she had the baby. My friend replied with “thank you ma”. The following week, this same woman still said “hope you are pressing this your stomach very well?” (Lol). Then the week after, she said the same thing and my friend said she just told her it took nine good months for her stomach to get that big so expecting the stomach to disappear in two weeks wasn’t looking too possible. I really just wonder how it concerns the woman though. Another woman who was passing by my friend’s house could also not resist the urge to keep mute when my friend was sitting with her baby at their balcony to expose the baby to the morning sun for a while. The woman just looked up and said “cover the baby’s head” without even greeting or saying the reason why the baby’s head should be covered.

I know some people just feel they are in a position to give one form of advice or another but I really think people ought to know when to talk and when not to.

Have you had a situation where someone gave you an unsolicited advice? Please leave your comments below.


6 Replies to “Monday Musings”

  1. vicque

    we call them “busy bodies” on this side.people always
    wanting to fit you into their box or have an opinion over what does not genuinely concern them. I have learnt
    ignore but also listen to genuine concern and advice from others.

    1. “busy bodies” indeed! Hahahaha…thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this.

  2. E'nuel

    Ever heard the saying, it takes a community to raise a child? That’s the reflection.

  3. Olajumoke

    I call them aproko, lol.
    Some people and their concerns for what does not concern them tho. I’ve had more people give me advise on my weight and it can be so tiring. Wisdom is profitable to direct… not all advice is okay to follow but by wisdom, we filter and adopt the ones that are best for us.


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