Memory lane

I am so glad to be writing this particular article today after about three weeks of just not being able to write due to chores, chores, and more chores. In fact, this mum-life is not a walk in the park. Functioning as an only daughter, a wife, and a mum is not easy at all. I did not even mention functioning as myself or rather, as an individual in this society I found myself – this one alone is harder…lol. Anyway, I feel really fulfilled writing this article today.

Well, I took a walk down memory lane and I vividly remember how my mum would always ensure I stay in the kitchen with her whenever it was time to cook – a task I never liked. Yea! I never really liked being in the kitchen while my brothers were having fun. Even till I got admission into the university, being in the kitchen was still not my favourite place to be so I was not interested in knowing how to cook soup especially. I somehow knew how to make other easy dishes but soup making always seemed tedious to me.

My mum would talk and talk about how it was important to know how to cook, especially when I get married because the way to a man’s heart is his stomach. Honestly, I was still not interested in anything that would stress me. It was when I was in 300 level that I just started developing interest in cooking soups. So I would always call my mum to tell me how to go about making any soup I wanted (thankfully she was always happy to help and never taunted me). The funny part is I never still cooked any soup at home until I got married but I had already perfected my cooking skills during my youth service.

Fast forward to some months ago, when I visited my parents and spent some months with them, I gladly did all the cooking. Even to the extent that my mum told one of my brothers over the phone that my soups tasted just like hers. You cannot imagine how proud I felt hearing that. Lol.. Like how did I move from someone who never liked being in the kitchen to someone who can replicate my mum’s dishes. Las las, na who go sabi something, go sabi am o. It is not a matter of force though. What will be, will be (if you try to put in the work to actualise it)… I finally made my mum a proud mother…lol. All her years of talking did not waste. Now I am an amazing cook just like my mum. I love you mum….

Ps: My eldest brother is still the best cook I know after my mum. Like he cooks far better than myself. Lol… I cannot hide this truth please.

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