Love Your Tomatoes

Some people say tomatoes are vegetables but scientifically speaking, they are fruits.

I am not a fan of eating raw tomatoes neither am I a fan of drinking its juice, but after a discussion I had with a friend about the benefits of tomatoes, I did a research and found that I need to ‘love my tomatoes as myself’. Lol.

I discovered that tomatoes can do a lot for you. It lowers your blood pressure and high cholesterol level, it positively affects your kidney function and helps your body to excrete excess water, it improves your sight, it helps your hair grow, it improves your skin, and it purifies your blood (according to my friend, lol), amongst others.

So, do not take your tomatoes for granted. You can eat them raw, make tomato juice, and include plenty of it in your meal.

Love your tomatoes as yourself! Your health is IMPORTANT, so STAY HEALTHY ALWAYS!

#InspireMyTuesday #HealthyTuesday

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