Let’s Remember Together

Do you remember this??? Mehn, this was almost the height of entertainment for me back in the day.

I remember when my family and I would sit down together and watch an event that was recorded in a video cassette. The event was either a Thanksgiving service or a wedding ceremony. I always looked forward to those moments. Not also forgetting the Nollywood movies we watched back then too. Lol…

I also remember when dad bought the manual video cassette rewinder. It just suddenly felt like life got a bit easier knowing we could easily rewind to the part we actually wanted to watch because we were told using the video player to rewind cassettes could damage the player (I still don’t know how true that is though).


2 thoughts on “Let’s Remember Together

  1. Hmmmm…..that’s how some children will never get to see what a video cassette player looks like till they visit the museum.

  2. Children of nowadays are missing literally
    🙁🙁🙁. I remember these two vividly😁😁😁 unlike the last one you wrote about.

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