Lessons learnt from a football match and bbnaija

Hey guys! I am happy to be alive on this beautiful Monday. Sickness is bad o! Chai! You know that feeling when it just feels like you do not own your body anymore. Even to the extent that I could not perceive the smell of food…it was so bad that beans was burning and I could not just perceive it. It was my mum that was telling me that the beans was burning. Me that everyone close to me knows that my superhero ability is my sense of smell. My husband once told me that very soon I will be able to know which ATM dispenses cash by just sniffing if there is money in it or not…lol. Anyway, I am just happy to be alive (I am still waiting for my taste bud and sense of smell to return to normal though).

So to my main gist. I had an interesting weekend especially with the EPL. The match between West Bromwich Albion and Chelsea taught me one major lesson – it is not about how you start, but how you finish. You may start well, but how you end or finish, is more important. With West Brom scoring three goals in less than 28mins into the game, I would have thought that they were winners already. Although one thing football has taught me is to never conclude until the final whistle is blown. It was amazing to see the Chelsea team not giving up and ensuring they drew the match. At least it is far better to gain a point than having no point at all – a draw is definitely better than a loss, but winning is the sweetest. Just like Leicester won their match against Manchester city. That was an interesting game to watch though.

Moving away from football, the highlight of my weekend was seeing Dorathy and Laycon walk out of the big brother naija house as the top two housemates! I love Dorathy for so many reasons and I was super excited that she was not evicted from the house. I am also happy that Laycon won because at the beginning of the show a lot of people including myself did not take him seriously. But as the show progressed, this talented young man won the hearts of millions of Nigerians including mine. Watching him being declared as the winner of the big brother naija season five, filled my heart with so much joy as if I knew him personally, and also taught me a major lesson to never look down on anyone or write off any human. This is a guy that was insulted on national TV by a fellow housemate, and was called names but he did not open his mouth to utter a word. Mehn! I am so happy for Laycon and I am glad his winning has taught me important life lessons, as well as inspiring a lot of young people too.

In life, never underestimate any one. Never look down on anyone. Never treat anyone like they do not matter. While you are striving to win your race, ensure you stay focused, ignore every distraction, and treat people you meet on your life’s journey kindly.

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  1. Atolani

    Monday motivational speech! .πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
    Thank you for inspiring us with this.


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