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I have heard a lot of things that has been said about Lagos bus conductors and also about the dramas that never stop occurring in Lagos buses – usually between the passengers and the conductors. Some are funny while others are just too annoying!

On different occasions when I had to board a bus in Lagos, I observed that the drama actually never stops!

I find it very difficult to understand why a bus conductor would be swift to collect bus fares from the passengers but when it is time to give back change from the fares, it becomes a herculean task.

Just the other day, a woman in the bus kept screaming at the bus conductor to give her her change after she had paid the bus fare. The bus conductor who actually had change in his hands, just acted like he didn’t hear what the woman was saying. So the woman kept saying “give me my change o! na so una go make person forget the change for una hand”. That struck me and got me thinking, could this be the reason the bus conductors delay in giving back change to the passengers? So that once the passenger alights from the bus, the hope of collecting his/her change is gone since the bus can easily zoom off.

Another reason as I observed that day, was possibly because the bus conductor wanted to give the change according to how the passengers would alight from the bus. For example, those going to the final destination of the bus would probably get their change last while those that would be alighting on the way, would get their change as they alight from the bus. This was actually what this particular bus conductor did since he didn’t have enough change to give everyone. So the screaming woman got hers as she alighted, then as the bus picked up other passengers, the bus conductor was able to gather another round of change for those

A friend once told me he forgot to collect his #500 change from the bus conductor, after asking for his change severally.

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  1. … thoughtful write up Preshnext. on a flip side, I think conductors in Lagos are quite smart people under praised. Yeah, it’s a demeaning job to take up, but it requires a lot of smart, to organise passengers, collect fair, and give balances. Those guys do a lot of on the spot arithmetic I think most undergraduates can’t do on their feet. Just another angle to the Lagos Conductor story though. lol. Weldon dear.

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