July 11,2021

On this particular date, July 11, 2021, I was reminded of a lot of things – live life to the fullest, never give up on your dreams, be good to as many people as possible, never pay evil for evil, be kind to people, treat people nicely (even while drawing the lines so that you are not taken for granted), be joyful, smile often, have a relationship with God, celebrate yourself and celebrate others too while they are still alive, let people know what they mean to you and appreciate them while they are still alive… all these and many more filled my thoughts as the day came to an end while I settled in for the night.

Hearing the news about the death of the super talented songwriter, singer, and rapper, Sound Sultan, made me really sad as I thought about his family and loved ones.

Although we know death is inevitable but the sad truth is that we do not know when it will be time for us to depart from this world. So as much as we can, we need to live our lives impacting lives positively and just being happy (this might sound unrealistic because of the crazy happenings in the world today) but we cannot depend on the world or people to make us happy. We need to find our own happiness. For me, true happiness comes when I am able to make someone smile and when I am at peace with myself. So learn to find what really makes you happy.

Thankfully the day ended with celebrations! My heart was gladdened as I watched Godskingdom win the Nigerian Idol. Having followed the competition from the beginning, I was really happy to see him win. Another highlight at the event was when Patoranking sang his song titled “Celebrate Me”. While listening to the lyrics of the song, I was reminded of the need to celebrate myself and others daily!

I also found happiness in watching the Italian team lift the cup in the just concluded Euro 2020. I intentionally stayed up to watch till the very end. It felt like I could feel the exact joy that each team member was feeling at that moment and at the end, I slept off with a smile on my face.

The essence of this post is to remind you to celebrate yourself and others while they are still alive. As often as you can, let people know how much you cherish them while they are still living.

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