January Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is simply an individual who starts up a business or businesses, despite the financial risks that would be involved and at the same time, hoping to make profit. Starting a business is not an easy task. That is why at Preshnext Media, we always love to encourage and celebrate those who have taken the bold step in starting up their own businesses.

Having said this, allow me introduce to you, our entrepreneur of the month!

Name: Emmanuel Uche Ezeh aka MC 2talk (Comic Compere)

DOB: April 10

Course studied/University attended: Philosophy / University of Ibadan

Tell us about your business: I am a Master of Ceremony and I am also an event planner. I have a brand company that is into event fully and we build and create content for brands and business tycoons too. It is called Talkers House Entertainment Concept.

Mc 2talk at an event

Year started: 2012

Location/Contact: Everywhere except hell / 08137050059     Instagram: @mc2talk_cfr

What made you start the business and how did you start?

I became a master of ceremony because I love events and I love making people laugh. I love to see the bright side of an event and making it a success with memories you would always want to look back on and smile. I started first as an event planner in 2012 helping to plan a church event, so the person that was suppose to anchor the event did not show up so I had to take it up myself and then I knew I had the talent to Emcee and also plan events and I just loved it. You cannot have me at an event and just get only the Mc side of me, you would also get the event planner along side. That is why they call me the “microphone lord”.

Mc 2talk making a couple dance

What are the challenges/problems you have faced in your business?

My major challenge is to be accepted in areas where I do not speak their language. Also people prefer to get the ones with the “big names” and forget that they need the ones with style and beauty for events. Another issue is finance, trying to get the best but you just need to do it all by yourself without anyone assisting you.

How have you solved these problems?

The only way to solve such problems which I feel has worked for me is to stay relevant, believe in myself and aim to learn more. Once you feel you have arrived and refuse to learn even from an apprentice, then that moment you have lost everything. Also become your own fan, love yourself and what you do even if for a while it is just one customer you have, and never stop loving no matter what and how hard things may seem.

What are your hobbies?

My biggest hobby is watching lots of movies. Asides that, I love playing lawn tennis and eating.

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