It’s been a minute!!!

It is so dusty in here with cobwebs all over the place. I need to do some cleaning then I will be right back!

*whew**** I cannot believe it has been a long time I wrote an article. At some point I thought I had lost it but after doing some soul searching, I discovered I still had it in me and also because I have had a lot of things clogging my mind that I really want to share (in case you are wondering, this is one major reason I love to write – it helps me unburden my mind and clear my head).

I am really sorry for staying away for so long. I know you love to read my articles and I was not able to deliver. For this I am truly sorry. I promise to do better (a promise is a debt right???).

Oh well, a lot has really happened since I have been away but in all I am just grateful to be alive and to have this opportunity to pen down my thoughts. It is hard to believe that I have had to bury my mothers in less than thirteen months. My mum was buried in August 19, 2022 and my mum-in-law was buried in August 25, 2023. The different wave of emotions I have felt within this period of time has been so overwhelming but in all, I am indeed grateful to have known both of them and experienced life with them too.

Hopefully, I will be penning down my random musings as they come on all things pertaining to life. So do well to read and share your thoughts too when a new post is out.

Thank you for still sticking with me and taking time out of your busy schedule to read my articles. I really do appreciate you…

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