Kids compete over almost everything…

“Who’s smarter”
“Who’s taller”
“Who spends longer time in the bathroom”
“Who’s cuter at night”
“Who has the longest tongue” etc.

A simple game can turn into ‘a game of thrones‘ and no matter how hard you try to tell them “it doesn’t matter who has the dirtiest shorts”, they aren’t interested in getting second place because everyone wants to be king.

Here are some tips for easing the tension in your home:

1.Don’t compare your kids with other kids. Try as much as possible to make sure they don’t see everyone as a competition.

2.Do give lots of individual attention. Spend ‘special time‘ with each child so they don’t feel the need to struggle or ‘compete’ for attention.

3.Intervene to keep kids occupied. This helps reduce unhealthy competitions.

4.Encourage individuality. Ensure that each child understands that he/she is unique and different and shouldn’t try to be like anyone else.

5.Help them be a team. Make them understand that they’re on the same side and not rivals.

6.Enforce standards of respect in your home where everyone is respected and treated like a king, each individual to his own little throne.

7. Lastly, set good examples for your kids. Make them see that it’s okay to be second sometimes. That doesn’t mean they are less than anyone.

And next time someone starts to argue about “whose nose hair is longer”, adjust the crown on his head and remind him that he’s got a throne of his own.

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