International women’s day

As women around the world celebrate the International Women’s Day, it is important to know that we all need each other (both men and women).

In other for the society to function properly, it needs the input of men and women. Thus, no gender should be disregarded. It is quite unfortunate that a lot of men think that women are lesser than they are. I just listened to a radio show where a man called to respond to a question asked by the radio hosts about what the responsibility of a man is to a woman. The caller had a lot to say about women. He said his own responsibility is only to provide for the woman while the woman should focus on cooking and taking care of the home (and the children). After listening to the man, I immediately started feeling sad for his wife or any woman that will get married to him (that is if he is not married).

On the other hand, I feel happy that a lot of women have proven that they can do a lot more than just cooking and taking care of the home. There are lots of women (both the ones we know and the ones that we do not know about) that are constantly doing amazing things in the society on daily basis. So if that caller and many others that think like him cannot see the strength that women display daily, then the joke is on them!

To all the men that constantly celebrates women and supports them, I want you to know that you are greatly appreciated. Also to all the women that will never allow any one (men and women alike) to kill their hopes, dreams, and desires with their discouraging words and actions, I want to let you know that I celebrate you! Please keep dreaming and keep doing the amazing things that you do. Whether on a large scale or small scale, it does not really matter! Just keep being super amazing!

Happy International Women’s Day!!!

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