In The School Of Life

This article was inspired by a chat I had with one of my dearest friends.

Anita (not real name) chatted me up recently and talked about how she wished someone taught her about starting life as an adult. Apparently, my dear friend, who is actually a very young lady, was being faced with expenses that seemed to surpass her monthly income.

In her exact words, she said “Is there any welcoming party where I’m giving tips on how to survive and make ends meet….. or rather, a welcoming party where they give me money?”. That second part got me laughing though, but you see, the only thing I had to say to her was “In life’s school, no one teaches you ‘jack’! You learn as you grow older…”

Now I understand why people say “experience is the best teacher”, and you can only get this experience by living your life as each day passes, allowing yourself to make mistakes and equally learning from those mistakes as you make them. You also learn from the mistakes/experience of others too. As I pondered on my friends’ questions, I wondered if people would live better lives if they were actually taught about life, or rather, if they were properly orientated before getting into the school of life.

All through my years in school, no one taught me the realities of life. No one taught me how to save and spend money. No one taught me how to handle physical and emotional pain when I’m hurt. No one taught me a lot of the things I know today – they were all learnt IN THE SCHOOL OF LIFE – a school NO ONE can graduate from except death takes you away.

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  1. What an insightful article. Thank you so much Preshnext for sharing this. Looking forward to more interesting articles and podcasts.

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