Good or Bad behavior?

Hey peeps, I have come to narrate an experience I recently had so that you can please be the judge of this person’s behavior… Thank you in

So yesterday evening after I had closed from work, I ordered for a ride home with my kids. As usual, the driver and I exchanged greetings and he also said hello to my kids. We got settled in and started our short journey home.

I brought out my phone and I was playing candy crush when suddenly I felt something on my left hand. I simply shrugged it off and continued what I was doing. Less than a minute later, this thing flew towards me and hysterically, I was trying to get it off me, then it moved to my daughter and a short drama of me just getting this tiny creature off my daughter took place. This tiny creature was a cockroach!

I just told the driver “there’s a cockroach in your car”. The next thing this guy said was “never! Not my car”. Huh??? I was surprised at his response. And then I said “but a cockroach just flew on my body and also my daughter’s body”. This man insisted it was not possible. He said he just washed his car two days ago and fumigated it, so there was no way a cockroach could be in his car. I just simply said “oga, I’m not disputing that but this is what I saw”. Ladies and gentlemen, the next thing this driver said left me dumbfounded for a split second. He said “maybe the cockroach came out from your bag”. “Which bag please?” I replied. “Is it my baby’s bag or my daughter’s lunchbox? Because I don’t really understand what you are implying right now”.

I was so pissed and in my usual state, I would have just keep quiet and when I get home I will just start wishing I had addressed the issue. So immediately, I addressed the matter and made sure he knew it made no sense to switch it on me like that. He now started sounding defensive saying he did not mean it the way he said it. Of course he knew I was upset already and wanted a conversation but abeg, I got to my destination and gladly left his car. Even though he was offering to give my kids some change to buy a snack, I told him “thank you, we don’t need it”. At least I felt happy that I expressed myself and had peace! What nonsense! My husband even told me to give him a one-star rating…lol..but because I am still a nice person, I did not do that.

So please let me know what you would have done in this situation and also, was the driver’s behavior good or bad? Because he still insisted there was no cockroach in his car!

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