Friday Feeling: COVID19

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, it has been difficult to not talk about it. Everywhere you turn to, you hear about the disease. Of course, social media has not been left out as some people even try to make a joke out of it. Yes I agree humour is good but really, what is funny about this issue? People are losing their lives because of this and some people still try to make a joke out of this important matter.

I applaud everyone who has tried to ensure that enough awareness about this pandemic disease is put out there. I am sure an average person can educate you right now on what you need to know about COVID19 and that is because of how much information has been put out about the disease – symptoms to look out for, wash your hands, maintain social distance, use hand sanitizer, isolate yourself if you feel sick, etc.

In some countries, people have been told to stay at home in order to manage the spread of the disease. Now that we have some cases in Nigeria, especially in Lagos that is the most populated city in the country, I really do not want to imagine how things would be if this disease really spreads. I am aware some schools have been closed till further notice and also, religious bodies have been told to suspend their gatherings or restrict the gatherings to just 50 persons (which is still much in my own opinion). I am also aware that people have started stocking their homes with food items just to prepare for the worst. This is still good though because as much as we want to keep praying and believing it does not get worse, it is very wise to just prepare. Now my question is are we also going to stock up on fuel and risk fire outbreak? Because it is not like we have constant power supply to make our stay at home or those that will work from home, an easy one. The children that are now at home, how will they cope? If it ever gets to the point where no one is allowed to go out, how will we get fuel to power our generator because the power distribution company will still not make power available (maybe they will not go to work too). So are we going to stay in darkness? Because I really do not know how we will do it in this country o. At least the people abroad have power supply to make their stay at home a bit easier. My people, how we go do?

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