For The Ladies

Thank God It’s Friday!!!

There is a whole lot to do this weekend so before I get carried away with the weekend activities, let me quickly drop this here.

I know how important the hair is to most ladies and that is why we could spend a good sum of money to ensure the hair looks good. Although I really don’t know if there is a stipulated duration to carry a particular hairstyle but I know I have heard some ladies say there are particular hairstyles that they have to carry for 2-3 months. Now what I don’t know is if they actually get to wash the hair during this period of time.

I was in a bus some days ago and the odour from a lady’s hair almost choked me. I just used my handkerchief to stylishly cover my nose. What a torture!

For me, I know when I don’t wash my hair for 2 weeks, it smells. So to avoid embarrassment, I just wash my hair at least once a week. Thank God for wigs…lol.

Well, the weekend is here. So if you have not found the time to loosen the hair you have been carrying for a long time, create some time to pay a visit to the Salon and give your hair a treat.

Cheers to the weekend!

4 Replies to “For The Ladies”

  1. Atolani

    Thank you for this piece Preshnext.

    1. You’re welcome…Thank you for reading.

  2. Ifeoluwa

    Ah Preshnext! God bless you for this one.


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