As the month of August gradually comes to an end, let me introduce to you, our entrepreneur of the month!

Adenike Adeniyi-Babalola is a graduate of Sociology & Anthropology from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. She was born on the 25th of April and she is the brain behind Denike Multiconcepts (Registered Trademark – Denike Foods) – a business that deals in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (Plantain Chips production for now). The business started officially in 2015 and is located in Ibadan, Oyo State.

When asked what made her start this business, Adenike responded thus:

“I have always been a business person from my University days and I love to work with my hands. I tried to get a job after Youth Service and after few applications and interview attendance, I decided to go back to doing business. My interest in Plantain Chips production and sales started as meeting a need of a good snack around me, then it came to stay and gradually became big and still growing. How I started? I have a friend who used to make plantain chips as a side business from his regular job on the Mainland (Lagos) and people liked it. I liked it too but he wasn’t making enough to meet peoples’ demand because of the demand of his job and academics at the same time. Since I had graduated, finished my Youth Service and had nothing much doing, I initially started by placing order to resell, then I spoke with him to train me, he did and after a short while, I started making mine on the Island.”

Speaking about the product, she further stated thus:

“What makes Denike Chips stand out is that it is super crispy, crunchy, no additives, and no preservatives. Just naturally sweet. We also have Ginger spiced and Pepper spiced (known as Jungle Chilli) chips for spice lovers. We have two packaging for now. Air tight and quality proof plastic jars which is fantastic and a presentable gifts to family and friends. They are also beautiful as hamper content. Then we have the convenient and eat on the go packs of #100.”

About the challenges faced, Adenike also had this to say:

“The first challenge I had was convincing my family to accept the kind of business I wanted to start. They felt how can a whole graduate not be able to do something with her certificate other than “Ikpekere”. (In my sister’s word) Lol… After that was sorted, another challenge was where to start getting good and cheap plantain because I was living in Lekki. I had to be going far (mile 12 and even farther, especially in the time of scarcity). After I got married and relocated to Ibadan, the business expanded and we decided to get NAFDAC accreditation because our product was limited without NAFDAC number. We had the challenge of our product being seized and some shops who had our product being locked by NAFDAC officials. I would say that was the biggest hurdle to cross so far because it was very tedious and capital intensive. We had to also get partners for financial support to solve the Capital challenge.”

Adenikes’ hobbies are teaching, cooking, travelling and meeting people.

PS: Denike Foods is available at the following stores –

  • Funmac Supermarket Mobil Ibadan
  • Grandex Supermarket
  • Palms Mall, Ring Road, Ibadan
  • CranChemist and Supermarket, Challenge, Ibadan
  • Covenant Store, Odo Ona Kekere, Ibadan
  • LadyButcher Supermarket (Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos)

Delivery is also available within and outside the country.

Phone: +2348060875927,+2348033253817.

Email: denikemulticonceptservices@gmail.com.


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