It is a new week full of hope, promises, and uncertainties, but despite the uncertainties, it is our hope that helps us stay strong and positive, believing that those promises will be fulfilled.

My message for you today is this: When you have a business idea to pursue or a project to accomplish, it is actually not every one in your circle of friends that will believe in it.

This is because it is YOUR IDEA, it is YOUR PROJECT, it is YOUR DREAM! NOT THEIRS! So, do not be upset or sad when your friend does not support you or eventually, when you start that business, do not feel disappointed when your friend or even your family refuses to patronise you.

Do not give up on your dreams just because some of your friends are not “buying” what you are ”selling” to them. Just keep working on yourself and your brand. In due time, the right clients will come looking for you.

Just stay FOCUSED!


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