Dangote $ Gates

The picture above has been trending since last weekend, with people having different captions for it – varying from “too much money in one picture” to “who beard epp?”, seeing that the two money men has no beards…

But away from all that, asides the obvious fact that these men are very wealthy, have you sat down to think about how they started, the steps they took to get to where they are today?

Well, based on my own little research, these men were born into wealthy families. Dangote’s maternal grandfather was one of the wealthiest men in West Africa, while Gates’ maternal grandfather was a national bank president. But what interests me is that they both didn’t glory in the wealth of their families, rather, they discovered purpose at a very early age and worked hard to achieve all they have now. For example, Dangote sold sweets in school while he was still very little, while Gates’ love for computers began at a tender age when he was in school too.

Bill Gates born in 1955, and Aliko Dangote born in 1957 (2 years apart), both started out their entrepreneurial journey at age 20. Gates launched Microsoft in 1975 while Dangote Group was established in 1977.

Now my point is, these men didn’t build their empires in a day, they made tough decisions (Gates dropping out of Harvard to begin his business and Dangote collecting a 500,000 Naira loan to start his business too – imagine that amount of money as at that time), and also took conscious steps that has led them where they are today.

There are lessons you can learn from both men – the 2nd richest man in the world and the richest man in Africa. Instead of just admiring what they have achieved and the fact that they have no beards (lol), you too can be the next Gates or Dangote (doesn’t matter if you were born into a wealthy family or not). Just be intentional in the decisions you take TODAY!

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  1. Ifeoluwa

    Thank you so much for this truth.

  2. Aanuoluwapo

    Great article. Thumbs up!


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