Let me quickly drop this here before I get carried away with the whole Christmas fuzz.

It is the eve of Christmas and a whole lot has happened in preparation for Christmas day. The ‘shoppers’ have gone for their routine shopping, the ‘cookers’ are preparing their menus, the ‘eaters’ are preparing their stomachs, the ‘travellers’ have either embarked on their journey already or still preparing to do so, the ‘fun lovers’ are already planning their fun to-do-lists, the ‘home lovers’ already have their plans to stay indoors all day, and the list goes on and on.

Well, this is just a quick reminder to everyone that falls in the aforementioned categories – please in all you do, have it in mind that one major essence of Christmas is to show love to someone and remind that ‘someone’ that he/she is special, loved and appreciated by you. Visits, gifts or phone calls can really mean a lot to someone this season.

Have a fun-filled, peaceful and joyous Christmas celebration!!!

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