Be Resilient

The Voice Kids is a talent hunt show where kids get to show off their talents and impress the judges who are actually coaches. If a coach is impressed with the performance of a particular kid, the coach presses the buzzer in front of him/her and that kid gets to be picked by the coach to be in his/her team. But in a situation where the three coaches presses the buzzer when a contestant is singing, it means all three of them wants that kid to be in their team. So at that point, the contestant has the liberty to choose any of the coaches.

What caught my attention was when an eleven-year-old boy sang and all three coaches pressed their buzzers which indicated that they wanted this boy in their team. While they were interacting with the boy, he told them that he actually participated in the same competition a year ago in another country and none of the three coaches wanted him. But here he is in a different country one year later and the three coaches wanted him.

Wow!!! I was amazed when I heard this. A ten-year-old boy got rejected and refused to allow that rejection determine what he could be. Others could have seen that as a failure but the little boy saw that as an opportunity to get himself on track again, worked harder, practiced harder, and gave it another shot – he did all this in one year.

He could have decided to allow the fear of failing take over his dreams but he faced his fears and decided to not allow that experience define him, so he waited for another year, tried again, and got THREE COACHES WANTING HIM! So he had the liberty to choose the coach he wanted.

So I asked myself if an eleven-year-old could be resilient, why won’t an older person be?

Oftentimes, we allow our fears prevent us from achieving much more. We allow past situations to keep us down when EVERYTHING WE WANT IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF OUR FEARS.

Be resilient and face your fears!


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