AVENGERS: endgame

Why am I just writing about a movie that was released in 2019? Lol…… Oh dear! I just finally watched the movie two years after!!!

Honestly, it felt like a new experience for me! I really felt like the movie was just recently released because I so enjoyed the movie, regardless of the fact that it was released some years back. I love how the producers of the Marvel movies really take their time to carefully plan and produce their movies.

I really find it funny how I just got to watch a movie that a lot of people have watched and even forgotten about. Anyway, that is not a big deal to me. The big deal is, I ENJOYED THE MOVIE TO THE FULLEST! The reason I really enjoyed the movie is because I took my time to enjoy the “whole process”. Early this year, I actually started watching the whole Marvel movies in the order that they were released – Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider Man, Ant Man, Black Panther (I am writing this in no particular order though – just randomly mentioning them as I remember their title). This is why I was able to understand the whole story because they were all connected in a way, and the whole connection was seen in the Avengers: Endgame. So I just kept wondering how anyone can be able to understand the Endgame without watching the whole Marvel movies. Because I honestly would have not been able to understand that movie.

Anyway, this is what came to mind while I was thinking of how I would have missed enjoying this movie to the fullest if I had not taken my time to follow the process. A lot of people might just rush to watch the movie for different reasons – to satisfy their curiosity, to be able to contribute if they find themselves in a place where the movie is being discussed, or to just simply enjoy the movie – whatever your reason for seeing a movie might be, your reason is valid. But I need you to know that in life, for you to fully enjoy the end result of something, kindly allow yourself go through the process. Do not try to rush through a process or skip a process totally because you just might not enjoy the end result fully.

Always know that you are not competing with anyone as far as life is concerned. Learn to run your race at your own pace, and go through the process. Only then will you fully appreciate the end result. Just the same way I finally appreciated the end result after going through the process of watching the whole Marvel movies. That was when I was also able to appreciate the whole Marvel crew for carefully planning and producing all their movies. Because the end result finally made a lot of sense to me.

Quick question: Have you observed that sometimes when you get to a particular phase in life, that is when you begin to understand the process you had to go through before you got to that phase? Because those processes prepared you for that particular phase. And you know life is in different phases so that means you will need to go through different processes!

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