ANGER (Cont’d)

Do you remember my post about the things anger could do to you? (Read here)

Let me tell you a story about what just happened in my neighborhood.

I was doing something inside my house when I suddenly heard a sound outside – it was a bottle breaking sound. I went to my veranda to see what was happening and behold I saw two people running. Apparently, Guy 1 was chasing Guy 2.

Let me go back to the event before the bottle broke.

There was a football match between team A and team B that took place on a field outside my house. After the match, team A stayed back to celebrate the birthday of a teammate with a crate of soft drinks – this is where the broken bottle came from. Lol…

So fast forward to Guy 1 that was chasing Guy 2. They both came back to where other members were and started quarrelling. Guy 2 was asking Guy 1 to stab him with the bottle he broke! (Wow!!!). It was then I knew Guy 1 was the “bottle breaker” and he actually chased Guy 2 with the broken bottle. Although I still do not know what ensued between the two guys that warranted the breaking of bottle by Guy 1, but the matter escalated quickly and events turned around.

While they were still quarrelling, some men around a mechanic workshop who witnessed the chase came to where these guys were and started beating Guy 1, the “breaker of bottle” and ordered him to leave the environment. His offence? He broke a bottle to stab his fellow youth! I was really surprised at this turn of event because none of the men cared to know what could have caused the rift between these two guys. All they were focused on was why he broke a bottle to stab a fellow human!

Well, my answer to this question would be ANGER! I am very sure the “breaker of bottle” started feeling foolish for his action! Oh see what an uncontrolled anger can do to a human! It makes you take foolish decisions and act like a fool too. Let us learn to control our anger before it controls us.


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