….and life happened

When I read about the death of American basketball star, Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, I immediately experienced a wave of extreme sadness. It actually felt like I knew them personally but of course I have only heard the name Kobe Bryant a few times since I am not a basketball fan. My heart immediately went out to the family they have left behind. I can only but imagine how they will be feeling right now.

Different thoughts went through my mind as I imagined the scenario that would have played out when they all found out the helicopter was going to crash – a dad trying to reassure his scared daughter that everything would be alright, or how he probably tried to keep his daughter safe (not just the daughter but the others that were with him). I read up on the other families that were with him. They are also heroes in their own ways too. Read here

Oh death! If only anyone can know when it would be their time to exit this world! If only people knew they can live better lives by affecting people positively. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver had this to say about Kobe in a statement he gave on Sunday – “He was generous with the wisdom he acquired and saw it as his mission to share with future generations of players.” This statement means a whole lot to me because it shows that Kobe Bryant not only being a star, has also left his legacy in the hearts and minds of people.

Life is way bigger than the trivial things we are holding on to – grudges, anger, bitterness, hatred, quest for things that are vain, etc. Before life happens, ask yourself what you will be remembered for when you exit this world. Are you sharing your wealth of wisdom with others or would you want to be buried with it instead of sowing it as a seed in the lives of others?

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